Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beach Time

Our cousins arrived on Sunday and we've been busy ever since. We're having so much fun (albeit a little crazy). Yesterday, we walked a couple miles to a larger, busier beach (normally we go to the small beach across the street from our house) and enjoyed the sun and sea for a couple of hours. Lila asked a stranger to teach her how to surf, Olivia tried (we made her keep her shirt on, at least) to tan in the buff and cousin Lydia and her son helped build sand castles.

Here's our adventure through pictures:


Katie said...

Oh man. I am JEALOUS!!! That looks just wonderful.

The Smith's said...

Natalie, If it is alright I would like to recommend that a friend of mine contacts you? She has some questions about having a doula and I thought you had one with Lila. Let me know. My friend, Kari, is due in May.

Oh yeah- The beach look fun. So glad you had more visitors. You are very lucky we have to beg to get people to come to the state of WA

The Dunns said...

OK, I'm getting a little tired of Alaska. You have beautiful beaches, playgrounds, zoos. Angie has castles & zoos. I have moose and snow, lots of snow. WooHoo.