Saturday, March 15, 2008

Visitors and Ballerina Hopeful

I don't have any new pictures to post. Nothing exciting has happened. Well, Lila came down with another cold, it was rainy, we stayed inside a lot and had construction workers at our house, nearly everyday, making loud noises and screwing up my kids naps. Oh, and Matt was gone for a couple of days. But, he's back now and we spent the morning and part of the afternoon at a local fruit and vegetable market.

I'm not sure how much blogging I'll be doing during the next two weeks. Tomorrow morning, my cousin, her son and husband arrive. We are so excited! We were hoping that Matt's parents were going to come too, but, unfortunately, they weren't able to make it. We were really hoping to have everyone here over spring break and they will surely be missed!

Olivia's memory amazes me. A year and a half ago, Olivia and I paid a visit to Colorado and stayed with Lydia for over a week. Olivia, the dog-loving child that she is, fell in love with her dog. She was about 16-months-old at the time of the trip. So, Lydia and I were shocked when Olivia got on the phone the other day and asked Lydia about her dog. She asked if he was sleeping inside or outside and other related questions. How the heck does she remember that dog? Toddlers are amazing creatures!

Olivia is very excited about Lydia's arrival for one reason. Lydia taught ballet for many years. Olivia expects her to put her hair up in ponytails and teach her how to be a ballerina. Oh, and, if she knows gymnastics, that would be good too!

I'm just hoping no one else in our household comes down with a cold and passes it on to our visitors! We have a trip to Spain planned while they are here and hopefully everything goes fairly smoothly (three kids+travel=at least a little bit of chaos!).

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