Monday, April 14, 2008

Funny Things

Now that both girls are taking their naps, the floors have been swept and mopped (albeit quickly), toys picked up, dinner thought out, and Evites responded to, I feel a bit less guilty about posting, yet another, update about a couple of funny things.

This morning, as I was rushing to get the girls out the door in order to get to play group on time, I asked Liv, playing on the back porch, if she had to go to the bathroom before we left. Her reply:

"No, mommy. I already went. I went in my little potty. I went poop. Denali ate it though. Do you want to see my potty (she holds it up)? See, it's dirty (smear of poop).

Her little potty (Mini-Baby Bjorn potty) was on the back porch. I'm not sure how it made it there. We've been bringing it with us on long car rides. When a three-year-old has to go, she has to go. So, it's come in handy. We must have brought it into the house last night and, obviously, neglected to put it back in her bathroom. Somehow, it mysteriously ended up on the back porch. I had to laugh at her "poop" admission .

Earlier, upon waking up this morning, she asked to watch TV. I flipped on Armed Forces Network's cartoon channel. Stupid mommy, I forgot that she doesn't watch cartoons anymore! She demanded that I put on the "movie" of her and "Dypen." Dypen, is her pronunciation of her cousin, Cyprien's, name (they are five-weeks apart).

Olivia, lately, has given up watching Disney movies, Dora and Diego shows and regular cartoons. Ever since I put our home videos onto DVD, she prefers them over any other show. Grandparents and well-meaning family members have sent DVD after DVD of shows normal three-year-olds watch. For now, they are shelved and we are watching her visits to Vermont and New York, her first bath, Lila's first bath and play time with Cyprien. Over and over and over again. I guess, if she's going to watch TV, these are better for her mind than, say, a cruel woman snatching up spotted puppies. The horrors!


Katie said...

What a genius idea to watch home movies! I am totally going to do that...except I can't figure out how to get them on DVD. But maybe I can hook the camera in play mode up to the TV!

Did the dog really eat the poop? EW EW EW!

Natalie said...

Took me a bit to figure out how to get them on DVD. Wish I could help but since all the DVD burners and camera's are so different, I'd be useless in the help department. In fact, I think I called Panasonic and Sony for help.

Yup, he really ate the poop. Our dog has mental problems. Food aggression, stress-induced colitis, depression, anxiety. You name it, he's got it. We've spent more money on him than both kids combined. Don't even ask how much it cost to get him to Portugal from Alaska.