Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hump Day

Well, it's Wednesday. Liv has another poop bug (either that or orange cranberries and orange juice overload), I have a mildly upset stomach and Lila is perfect (so far). It's a bit dreary and we haven't been to the park in a week.

The once a week babysitter didn't work out. She doesn't speak much English, therefore, DH decided he was too uncomfortable to use her. I'm depressed because I cannot find anyone else. I'm tempted to BEG and PLEAD with our night time sitter to quit one of her morning or afternoon cleaning jobs to come work for me for more money! Ha, like I'd ever get the guts to do that.

DH mentioned something about someone or something dying recently. Maybe it was the fly he killed. I can't remember. Unfortunately, Olivia's dolls, according to her, have been dying. Great. Is this foreshadowing of a time when she'll be wearing black clothes and dyeing her hair black?

I had a great pedicure and facial waxing done in the comfort of my own home this weekend. Only Olivia fell out of bed (she was fooling around) a half hour into naps. She then woke up Lila and it was downhill from there. DH fell asleep on the couch and I had kids climbing on the woman doing my toes and myself. That won't be happening again!

Lila is still waking up once or twice to nurse. My mother-in-law always helps me put things into perspective. She nursed all three of her children for a year or more. She knows how this goes. She gently reminded me that this won't last forever. It's not like she'll be 10 and still be doing this. Her advice is always simple, yet perfect. That doesn't mean I'm now excited and more than willing to allow this to continue much longer. But, I'm able to calm down about it. Usually, once I calm down and stop over-thinking things, they work out on their own fairly quickly. We'll see. The other night, I went into her room when she was crying and asked her what was wrong. She pointed to her bedroom door. So, I put her down on the floor. Holding tightly onto her doll and Taggie (her blanket), she walked her tiny self down the hall and into our bedroom where she proceeded to try to get up on the bed. It was so cute that I thought, "how can I deny this sweet little girl what she wants?" Which was to get in bed and nurse. All in good time, I guess!

On another note, Matt and I are trying to figure out if it's worth the price to go see Circ de Soleil. Has anyone been recently? Worth it? Kid-friendly?

Well, I have to put my face on and get ready for a fancy smancy dinner. I'm beginning to loath these things more and more. How come I can't wear jeans and nice sweater like I did in Alaska??


jae rin said...

I saw a show in Vegas with Kent. I thought it was OK, but it was so expensive that I wanted to be blown away, which I wasn't. I think I'd rather see a Broadway musical for the money. B/c of the prices, I would probably wait to take kids. I think DS would have been too noisy for the show, but your kids might be better :)

Katie said...

I think you should beg your nighttime sitter to work in the can pay her more and maybe you can even pay her to clean a little!?? I can't find a daytime sitter either.....damn high school. Why does it have to meet during the days??

Natalie said...

Maybe I can get a college student this summer? Or get the guts to ask Lousia to quit a job!!! Or both!