Friday, June 20, 2008

"Another Bagel, Please!"

My first attempt at making, shaping and baking bagels

DH, raised in upstate NY (read: bagel country), loves bagels. He could eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When Brueggers Bagels opened up in Fairbanks, he had me buy a baker's dozen once week or more! I even bought a bagel slicer and nearly wore the thing out!

I've been keeping an eye out for bagels since arriving in Portugal. The NEX sells them in the freezer section. I forget the brand. Unfortunately, they have high fructose corn syrup or artificial this or that in them. Wait, maybe it was hydrogenated fat. Whatever the case, I won't buy them. Somehow, I happened upon a food blog and the current topic was bagels - how easy they are to make at home, etc. So, for a few days, here and there, I browsed recipes and, yesterday, settled on this one here.

Of course, I decided to take on bagel making as Lila was getting up from her nap yesterday afternoon. For the past week, Lila wakes up from her nap and cries and eats nonstop (growth spurt?) until bedtime. Who knows why I decided to torture myself. Attacking a new recipe along side a crying, hungry toddler is not wise.

However, they didn't come out half-bad. I used bread flour that I believe moved here with us nearly a year ago and I don't think I let the dough rise long enough. And, by the time it came to boiling them and putting them in the oven, Olivia was up and begging (read, kicking and screaming on the floor, drool coming down her chin) to eat a boiled (not baked) bagel.

Matt came home as the second batch was coming out of the oven and the first batch was just about swallowed up. Despite the second batch being a little, let's just say, flat, DH was in heaven! Though, he didn't mention how much he enjoyed them, and how much better they are than frozen, store bought bagels, until he came home from work today, begging for more. He may have also said something about changing our "marriage contract" to state that homemade bagels must be made available to him on a daily basis.

And Olivia...well, this morning went something like this:

"More bagels, please! Why aren't there more bagels! Mom, you need to make more! I want a bagel...please!"

If any of you have a great bagel recipe, please pass it on! I'm going to try experimenting with different recipes. I just know I can get an even better tasting and rising bagel!


Amie said...

What a great idea. They look delicious!

Swistle said...

Those look so yummy! And tell the hus it's way too late to change the contract. A new contract will have to be drawn up---and who knows what you'll think up to balance the bagels clause?

mom said... daughter is making bagels...your mother can't even bake bread...this is a wonderful fete...boiled bagels are the Canadian way isn't it...? you will have to teach your mom to make bagels when you visit!!

Katie said...

YUMMMMMMMY. Those look heavenly!

Kristin & Jeff said...

Im reading this in the morning and now I want a bagel. I'll have to get the recipe from my coworker who makes her own bread/bagels - well pretty much everything and uses whole grains etc. I am supposed to take her bagel class and learn how to make them. She has an awesome cinnamon and raisin one that I ate a few weeks ago and it was awesome!