Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What They're Doing Now - Olivia

It's been a while since I've written about what the girls are saying and doing. So, here's a quick update on Olivia:

  • "I'm smoke'n hot!"
  • "What's your name?" (Asking in Portuguese)
  • "That is inappropriate!"
  • "Daddy is my best friend." or "Lila is my best friend."
  • "When is Lila going to get up?"
  • "Bang your head!" (Singing to Quiet Riot)
  • "I want to do a project."
  • "It's not dark out anymore; we can get up now!"
  • "Why is he/she naked?" (In response to the bikini or Speedo clad locals).
  • "What are we going to do in the morning?" (Repeated OVER and OVER at bedtime)
  • "Never mind."
  • "Why aren't you listening to me!"

Olivia has been getting up earlier than in the past. She was rising around 8:00-8:30am. The past month, she's been waking up at 7:00 on the dot. A few times, recently, she has woken up around 6:15am. I do not allow this. I allow my girls up at 7:00 with a 15-minute window. Since they go to bed at 8:00pm, waking up earlier than 7:00am results in hysterical crying and behavioral issues by 11:00am. When she rises earlier than we allow, Matt and I explain to her that just because it's light outside, it doesn't mean it's time to get up and we put her back to bed. This has resulted in kicking, screaming and hysterical crying. Always resulting in falling back asleep until, at least, 7:30-7:45am.

I've been worried that Olivia would give up a nap around this age. It hasn't happened...yet. Though, we do struggle from time to time for a week here or there. I've mentioned, in the past, that Matt and I never truly gave up naps. Since infancy, Matt and I have cherished a nap whenever we have a chance! So, I'm hoping the same will be for our children.

Olivia spends most days naked, jumping in out of the baby pool or sprinkler. She appreciates long talks with her many babies, reading books, listening to books on CD, doing projects, playing with her sister (read: telling her sister what to do), wearing Lila's clothes, putting Lila's clothes on her dolls, going to the park and beach, talking to grandparents and her cousin on the phone, watching home videos and, as always, snacks.

Her favorite color is pink.

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Kristin & Jeff said...

Ohhh how I have missed out on great naps. Only if my kids would nap at the same time. Blake has changed his sleep pattern a bit and naps in the morning now - and Ian is in the afternoon. Ive tried to put Blake back on afternoon but its horrible - makes for a VERY cranky morning and more stress for me. Still working on the sleeping thing. Thanks for the comment about the sleep books - Am seriously going to read into it! So sleep - and then potty training - both are things that that I DO NOT want to do. UGH. I need a rent a mom that will fix all kids problems so that I don't have to do it! :) hehe