Saturday, June 7, 2008

"Best Friends Forever, You and Me!"

Today isn't even over and we've had so much fun!

Last night, Matt decided he wanted to go to the zoo. He's been suggesting that we go for weeks now. I think it's pricey and and have been putting off his suggestion. However, this morning, I happily relented. Of course, we had a great time.

I would not recommend the zoo for anyone considering a visit to Portugal or for families thinking about a season's pass. The zoo is in dire need of proper upkeep and renovations. In no way could it be put in the class of The Denver Zoo or the San Diego Zoo (both so very nice). However, our little girls don't know the difference and enjoyed the sights of tigers, gorillas, elephants, zebras, giraffes, seals, reptiles and more. I don't have pictures from the zoo because I brought my video camera this time, instead of my digital (we have plenty of photos from our last visit).

They woke up from their naps to the "baby" pool set up in our yard and, aside from dinner and a snack (homemade ice cream, which we made together, from a recipe posted on ToddleBits - a new blog "find" I've been really enjoying), they've been in it ever since. They are truly becoming best friends and spend a lot of time having fun together and very little time fighting (Yet, at least. Lila puts up with Olivia's extreme bossiness).

Matt decided, at the last minute, that he wanted to go out to dinner. The restaurant doesn't open until 7:30. So, we snagged a sitter, will put the kids to bed for her, and head out with friends to our new favorite South African restaurant. The ostrich is so delicious and, if we're fortunate enough, the owner will remember, and have on hand, the bottle of wine he served us at our last visit. Yum, my mouth is watering...I better get ready to go!


sf mom said...

Hope you had a nice time at dinner. An evening alone with my hubby would be nice. We did go out to yummy sushi last night (with the kids and a couple of dear friends) so I'm not complaining.

The photo of the girls is very sweet. They are beautiful!

Kristin & Jeff said...

I love the pictures. You can see the bond between them. That bond is so awesome to watch grow. I love it with my boys. I also hope you enjoyed your night out with Matt. My dad is coming to visit for 2 weeks and I hope to snag a few nights out with Jeff! Oh and thanks for sharing the Toddlebits Blog - its now one of my favorites and I can't wait to try out all the fun activities!! :)

The Dunns said...

Your zoo can't be any more "unique" than the Anchorage zoo. Nothing like a zoo -- in Alaska -- full of bears, moose, and caribou. (That's about what you would find on the side of the road here.)

How's your shin?