Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Window Art

This morning, since it was sunny and warm, I decided it would be a nice time to try out a project I saw here, at ToddleBits, a couple weeks ago. The girls became very excited at the mention of paint. And, Olivia became more excited when I mentioned we would paint on the windows! As I was getting everything ready, she was yelling, "I want to paint. Let's paint now. Are we ready yet? What's taking so long? I want to paint! Please can we paint? Is it time to paint yet? Let's go! MOM!"

The "project" started off well with both girls dipping their hands in the paint and getting to work. Soon, however, Olivia was upset because her hands were "dirty." So, we had to clean them off. Then, clean them off again. Then, Olivia dipped a hand towel in the dog's water to clean off her hands. I slowly became frustrated. I was hoping to just sit back and snap some pictures and enjoy the live show.

Lila had a great time; the entire time. Once again, she had to taste test each color.

I took finger paint paper, when the girls were finished with their window master pieces, and pressed them up against each girl's "design." So, we now have copies of their window art on paper and on film.

Clean up wasn't as easy as I had anticipated. However, that's only because our spray nozzle is broken on our hose and I couldn't get enough power using my finger.

In the end, after baths and lunch, the girls went right down for naps with barely a fuss. Lila, actually, came up to me and rested her head on my shoulder, practically begging for a nap. This is the child who slept 13-hours straight last night and didn't wake up until 9:00am. By noon, she was sacked out. Any project, even if it's a bit messy, is worth it if it can tire my girls out and prepare them for long naps!

I have to thank ToddleBits, once again, for providing an entertaining project idea!


Amie said...

That sounds like so much fun - I wish our parents had that idea when we were little!

Andy said...

oh my goodness... The girls are so cute. I wish that I was there to play with them! By the way, it's hotter in VT than it is in Portugal right now!!!

Kristin & Jeff said...

I have to say since you posted that blog - I am addicted to reading it and finding fun things for the boys to do! Cute pictures! Its rainy and cold here - not like last summer (our 1st one here) at all. This stinks! :( (I hear this is close to what a "normal" summer is)

Jamie said...

Neat idea! :-)

Brenda said...

Cool, Natalie. Did you find a dress??? I have a ball next week and the same problem here, the other women dress to the 9's and I feel dowdy.
Your girls are too cute!

Natalie said...

Yeah, found a dress, Brenda. Took about four or five hours of shopping and then I had to buy a new bra to go with it and go back and get pinned for alterations. Ugh! I'm in between sizes. So, all the dresses I tried on were either too big or almost too small. I went w/the almost too small b/c it was still a bit big in the chest and I had to get that taken in. I think 3-4 lbs of weight loss will see me fitting into the dress perfectly. So, I took the chance. I recently lost a few pounds. So, it's slowly coming off. Though, not as fast as I would like! It's so hard to control what I put in my mouth!!!

The Dunns said...

You are a brave woman! Toddlers with paint is one of my recurring nightmares. :)

Cute blog title photo!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea - another variation could be using shaving cream! I know kids LOVE playing with it - I find I can't help but get my hands in on it too!