Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What They are Doing Now - Lila

Lila is now 19-months. She recently gave up nursing in the middle of the night and now sleeps through the night, often for 13-hours straight. Though, last night, for the first time in two weeks, she awoke at 4:10am, screaming for me. Matt and I put her back to bed (she did not nurse) and she fell asleep until 8:30am. I'm hoping that was the "test" a lot of children do after they've been sleeping through the night for a couple of weeks. For the first time since I got pregnant with Olivia (I do not sleep well when pregnant), I've been getting a good night's sleep! Though, I've been staying up late and rising exhausted anyway!

Lila has started talking up a storm. Here's what she's saying:
  • Poop
  • Pee (English an Portuguese)
  • Ouch
  • Bye (English and Portuguese)
  • Hello (English and Portuguese)
  • Hi
  • Yeah
  • No
  • Mine
  • Violet
  • Taggie
  • More
  • Night-night
  • Thank you (English and Portuguese)
  • 7-8-9
  • Jump (English and Portuguese)
  • Car
  • Noodles
  • TV
  • Cheese
  • Snack
  • Eye
  • Nose
  • Boo-boo
  • Eat
  • Pretty
  • Hot
  • Bath
  • Stinky
  • Swimsuit
  • Nemo (We do not have the movie. Liv told her about Nemo the fish).
  • Shoe
  • mmmmuh (giving kisses)
  • Paint
  • Here
  • Help

Lila does not like to be without her sister. If she wakes up before her, she calls for Olivia incessantly. She loves to hug and kiss her sister. She enjoys doing whatever her sister is doing. Including, begging for snacks and playing in the water. We are sure Olivia is Lila's best friend. She's truly sad when Olivia is not around.

Lila is still at that age where she begs for naps. Often, asking to be picked up and resting her head on my shoulder until I bring her upstairs and put her to bed. She is still a hugger and kisser and loves to rub backs and snuggle.

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Kristin & Jeff said...

Sounds like she is busy. Im glad that you are able to sleep at night! :) You are such a great mom! :)