Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alfama District - Lisbon

Old tram passing by Se de Lisboa (Lisbon Cathedral)

We toured the Alfama district of Lisbon today. The Alfama is the oldest district in Lisbon (read here for more info). I'll share with you our day in pictures:

Typical homes in the district (above and below)

View of the Alfama

Public, outdoor urinal (DH used it, despite snickers from passerby)

Many buildings have tile such as this

Alfama is famous for Fado clubs - some much nicer than this one

Typical street steps (above), typical sloping street


Kristin & Jeff said...

So very pretty! Looks really neat. I love all your pictures. Takes me away for just a second, then I look out my window and see SNOW!! :)

Jay and Amie said...

What a cute little town! You are a great photographer Nat :)

The Matthaidess' said...

The town looks really cool. I like the pictures of the tiled houses.

Also, the quotes from the girls in the previous post are really cute. Hopefully one day, I'll be able to post quotes from Tate.


Lily said...

Lovely photo's from my favourite place.

Angie said...

Very pretty. I wish that we lived in a city, though I like our small village.

Natalie said...


We actually live several miles outside of Lisbon in the Cascais area-very different from Lisbon. The town in which we live, Parede, is small and quiet.