Saturday, September 27, 2008


The German's hosted Oktoberfest up at the "office" where DH works last night. It's the big event of every year. Last year, I was sleep deprived (read: two children under the age of three) and stifled yawns all night. This year, I made sure I was well rested (read: took a nap). The food did not compare to the food we had in Germany several months ago and the band wasn't very good. But, who can complain when you're in good company and have pretty decent beer to drink!

Oktoberfest in Pictures:

After a few beers, DH tries to speak to Pedro in Portuguese...

Chris and Ana

DH tending bar

Shannon, Judy and I being "good" while our husbands' help kick the kegs


brenda said...

Okay...we went to Oktoberfest last week and it was I was the designated driver. That picture of Matt kissing you is too sweet for words. Get and 8x10.

mom said...

love the kiss picture