Saturday, October 18, 2008

Grandpa's Girls

There were lots of tears this morning as we brought grandpa to the airport. His two weeks here flew by so quickly! The girls, however, have gotten used to grandpa being here when they wake up every morning. He also filled in the void during the evenings because daddy has been working 70 or more hours a week. He rarely comes home in time for dinner, and less and less often is he home when they go to bed at night. So, they certainly loved having grandpa around! He made bedtime fun - bouncing them on his legs and singing songs he sang to me as a young child. "More, More!" and "One more time, grandpa," was shouted nightly.

Lila, always ready to hand out hugs and kisses, doesn't need much bribing to give grandpa a hug and a kiss. Liv isn't really the huggy-kissy type. Last night, however, she didn't need much prodding

On the way to the airport, Olivia whined, sadly curling out her bottom lip, that she didn't want grandpa to leave. I tried to explain to her that he had to go home because grandma really missed him and wanted him back home. I explained that she and grandpa would try to come again in the Spring.

She then went on and cried that she wanted grandma "Ms. Patty" and grandpa "Mickey" to come too and and asked why they haven't come to see her yet. My father said, "You should call them and ask them to come." To which she replied, "Ok, I will." So, grandma and grandpa McQuilton can expect a call soon from one, pouting, three-year-old!

In the mean time, Liv is having a sad day, missing grandpa who just left and daddy, who is back in the US for a wedding. I am doing my best to cheer her up - pictures and home videos usally do the trick. So....that may be how we spend our weekend. Looking at pictures, scrapbooks and watching home videos! Fun times ahead.

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The Dunns said...

Aw, goodbyes are so hard for little ones. (Come to think of it, they can be hard for us, too!) Hope you have a fun, quiet weekend together.