Saturday, November 22, 2008

Homemade English Muffins

As you all know, I'm pretty picky about what my family consumes. You all already know what ingredients I avoid (or try to, at least). So, it'll come as no surprise that I refuse to eat the brand of English muffins sold at the US store here. You may remember that I felt the same way about bagels a while back and, therefore, have been making my own.

Craving English muffins for too long, today, I finally embarked on tackling a recipe. As they sit on my cooling rack, I've already fork sliced two, toasted them and ate them up with butter and jam, and am now sitting down and blogging about their yumminess!

You all must try your hand at these divine, mouth watering, homemade creations! I used the recipe out of, "The Joy of Cooking." If you use that recipe, beware that it is missing pictures and the directions do not tell you what consistency your dough should be. That being said, I added little bit more flour than the recipe called for, shaped mine with a biscuit cutter, and used my cast iron skillet and my non-stick griddle (cast iron muffins were the best: oiling before I added a new batch of muffins onto the skillet. From now on, I'll make them in my cast iron skillet b/c I try to avoid non-stick cooking products anyway).


I forgot to put some cornmeal on the tops of these - still delicious!


Toast, top and serve

They do take quite some time (rising time, mostly). So, I'd like to try out this recipe here, in which you can prep the dough the night before. I'd also like to try this recipe here. I would like to experiment with white whole wheat flour or a 50/50 whole wheat and white.

Well, the girls are waking up from their naps and it's now time to serve them to my little taste-testers!


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Jay and Amie said...

Nat- these look great! I have been meaning to test them out anyway - will make sure to use my cast iron skillet for them :)

The Blech's said...

Those look soooo good! I might have to get that recipe from you! I had to make my blog private but if you want to get my email from Amie I will send you the link so you can read it :)