Thursday, November 6, 2008

Comfy, Cozy on My Back

This is how I've spent the past three days. With a feverish, sad-looking child on my back. Olivia was sick late last week and this past weekend. However, she did not have the raging fever Lila has had. Tuesday morning, at 11:00am, looking her usual healthy self, she started to cry, then scream. The screaming quickly turned into sobs of, "Mama, I go in the Ergo! MAMA, I go in the Ergo, Mama!"

Thursday evening, that's where we're still at. Lila, on my back, in the Ergo.

In fact, in order to keep her fever down, and keep her from crying non-stop, she's getting doses of Motrin and Tylenol at the same time (Gasp - I do believe you're supposed to stagger them by a couple of hours - but, that method wasn't doing anything). For an hour, at most, she'll get down out of the Ergo and sing and play with her sister. Olivia will bask in the sudden thrill of getting her sister's attention again. Once, I even caught Olivia telling Lila to close her mouth, in Portuguese. True sisters once again...Until the peak of the drug combo wears off and Lila drags the Ergo up to me and cries to be put back in.

I am so thankful for the Ergo because I have two hands to do a thing here or a thing there. In there, she is cozy, comfy, secure and calm.

It leads me to wonder how my parents (Hi, Mom and Dad), years ago, or parents, today, who did not/do not baby-wear, handle taking care of a three-year-old, while spouse is away, all the while carrying a sick, second toddler who REFUSES to be put down and is only calm in your arms for three or more days, all day (minus naps and the on hour drug reprieve). I've tried to carry her around without using a carrier and find it impossible! How do you all do it? Seriously. I think I would go insane! You must have so much more patience than I do! That is for sure!

I cannot imagine my life without my Ergo (I suppose there are several fabulous back carriers out there that work just as well - for me, it's the Ergo!)!

That being said, this flu-like virus she has can go away already! Thankfully, DH is home tomorrow night and, while he has reported that he is a little sick too, he'll soften the load!


Jay and Amie said...

Poor sick babies!! You sound like you have your hands full. Good thing hubby is coming home soon to help out! You need a break!

Angie said...

Christopher feels the need to look around the side while on my back, so the Ergo has really become uncomfortable lately. I'm glad to hear that you figured out what was wrong with Lila and everything is getting better.

French toast sounds so good! It's after 9, and I haven't had breakfast yet. I need to get bread this week for french toast, though.