Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mafra - Sobreiro

Monday, DH had off from work. Cooped up for far too many days, we decided to take a ride to a small village west of Mafra called, Sobreiro. There, there is a miniature clay model Portuguese "village" and figurines created by Jose Franco (little information of him in English). There were also replica buildings (school, church, etc.) scaled down to Olivia's size.

Miniature village

I immediately spotted a pottery store, filled with local, inexpensive pottery. As it began to drizzle, yet again (it's been a very rainy week), DH brought the girls for a walk around the village while I shopped. It eventually started to rain harder and I had only a few minutes to snap some pictures before we left to get out of the rain. Here are a couple window pictures from the replica buildings:

Below, is the watermill (replica church next to it). Despite the cold and rain, it was a worth-while trip. It got us out of the house, where we were able to drive through some country-side and to a town we hadn't been to before. We do need to go back to see the Mafra National Palace. In fact, my friend Ana and I may recon the palace sometime during the next week in order to see about organizing a trip for the the spouse's group we belong to.

After we left, we ducked out of the rain and into a local "dive" rotisserie chicken take-away restaurant. We dined on delicious, warm chicken, homemade french fries and local bread. YUM! We spent 10E and had enough leftovers for dinner. Now, that's what I call a deal! And, that's what you get for seeking out an "off the beaten path" local restaurant. The food is so much better than the tourist trap restaurants we sometimes find ourselves dining at...

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Jay and Amie said...

I love your posts about your trips around Portugal! Soak it up while you can!