Monday, December 8, 2008


It's that time again. Here are some of the cute things the girls are saying:

"I like to move it move it, move it move it. Move it!" - Olivia and Lila - from the movie, Madagascar II


"I need a break from school/swimming lessons today." - Olivia

"So, I don't want to go to school today. What are we going to do about that?" - Olivia

"So, I've thought about it and..." - Olivia in response to something she's been thinking about.

"I'm writing the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) right now." - Olivia as she sits down with pen and paper and begins to write.

"Can you put on some ballet music for me, mommy?" - Olivia


"You hurt me, mommy/daddy!" - Lila in response to anything that she feels hurt her. This would include putting a shirt or diaper on her.

"Hello Kitty! Hello Kitty!" - Lila as we pass Hello Kitty store advertisements

"Play Duffy, Mommy! Play Duffy! Duffy, Mommy!" - Lila screaming for me to put on Duffy, a new favorite music artist I recently downloaded.

"My belly hurt." - Lila

"I sick." - Lila (it's possible she's becoming a hypocondriac...).

"I bite my tongue, mommy!" - Lila

"Thank you, you're welcome." - Lila

"I all done night-night! Mommy!!! I ALLLL DONE NIGHT-NIGHT! I go downstairs!" - Lila

"Oh, NO!" - Lila

"What happened, Daddy?" - Lila, asking daddy why he's covered in mud (from a bike ride).


Jay and Amie said...

Soooo cute! I love these!

The Dunns said...

Kids are so funny when they are learning to verbally process being sick. Daniel sometimes says he has a headache. I've learned to ask him where his headache is and he will often point to his leg or his elbow. :) I'm still sometimes surprised at how much my modeling affects them.