Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Under the Weather and Still Making Us Laugh

Liv is sick again (notice red upper lip in picture above and lethargic, spaced-out pose below). Last night, her fever peaked at 104.5. Her lips are now cracked and scabbed. Though, her viral pink-eye subsided just as I was about to give her antibiotic eye gel and her fever broke this morning. She's still coughing, sneezing and wiping snot on her sleeve. As she starts to improve, DH, Lila and I are frequently digging into the medicine cabinet and reaching for tissues.

Somehow, whenever she is sick, she finds a way to smile and musters up energy to play with her dolls or stuffed bears and she always finds a way to get us all laughing.

Like this morning - We had to run and errand (read: cold medicine run). On the way home from the store, I just about drove off the road and into the ocean when she said the following:

"Mom, can you find a place to stop? My bear can't sit in his poop any longer. He'll get a rash. So, I have to change him right now. That's why you need to find a place to stop. Okay? So, I'll look for a spot for you..."


Kristin & Jeff said...

Awww sending get well wishes your way! :)

Jay and Amie said...

That is awesome!!! Gotta love poop stories!