Thursday, January 22, 2009

Frazzle - Dazzle

Things that currently frazzle me:
  • See above picture. I encourage creativity. Not destruction. Taking apart a doll house while mama is in the shower and using bubble wrap as flooring is creative and, yet, destructive. Dollhouse pieces were scattered all over the kitchen, dining room and living room.
  • Sudden piercing, incessant screams for help while I am navigating through round-abouts and tight, sometimes dangerous roads.
  • Lila's current love of pouring/shaking left over water, yogurt drink or milk all over floors, tablecloths and herself.
  • Children climbing on top of me when I am trying to read, eat, or go to the bathroom.
  • Olivia's need to empty out every single drawer in search of one item of clothing.
  • Olivia's obsession with taking off Lila's clothes and trying to put a swimsuit on her (we have very poor heating in our house - this is not okay), while Lila is screaming, "Don't touch me, Iia, don't touch me!"
  • Tiny hands reaching onto the counter top while I'm cooking and spilling and/or breaking something onto the floor.
  • Our dog's food aggression. Stealing food off the counter, out of kids hands and, often, breaking an expensive dish in the process of stealing (Anyone want a dog? I'm done with him!).
  • Begging for food ten minutes after a big snack, dinner, lunch, etc.
  • Bedtime/naptime antics.

Things that dazzle me:

  • "I love you too, mommy!"
  • The girls singing, "All the single ladies, all the single ladies."
  • Olivia singing songs in Portuguese.
  • Olivia hugging and kissing Lila after a long day at school.
  • Lila grabbing the sides of my face with both hands and saying, "Hellwo, mommy!" and then hugging me.
  • The girls screaming, "Daddy, daddy, daddy!" after he returns from a trip.
  • Daddy's smile when he cuddles with his girls.
  • A quiet (girls sleeping soundly), clean house.


Kristin & Jeff said...

I hear ya!

Jay and Amie said...

You are so lucky to be a mom!

The Matthaidess' said...

The "dazzle" part is so cute! I'm starting to understand the "frazzle" part -- Tate crying/screaming in the car is definitely no fun and I also hate not always being able to go to the bathroom or take a shower alone.


Anderson Family said...

The "dazzle" parts are great and make the "frazzle" parts worth it...but no less frazzling. Mara is the queen of whining/screaming in the car for help, especially when I'm driving Danny's much to large for me truck in a new city. I also don't get to shower much alone anymore as well as use the bathroom with the door closed.

Katie said...

I love the frazzle/dazzle juxtaposition. Too cute!