Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Superheros Save the Day

I've been in a grouchy funk for the past two weeks. I think it's the rain getting me down. I can only take so much rain and gloomy weather before I start to go out of my mind. It's been a rainy winter here.

Today, I was especially grouchy. The kids, obviously feeding off my grouchiness, were getting into everything as I struggled to act like a mature adult and not throw a tantrum every time they dumped out a toy bin all over the floor, spilled milk, fought with each other and so on.

It didn't help that daddy left on another business trip this morning and the sun only peaked out for a few short minutes here or there throughout the day. On a day like today, if I didn't have kids (or if I had gotten an afternoon sitter), I would have grabbed a book (and, possibly, my laptop), gone, by MYSELF, to a restaurant close enough to the sea so I could hear the waves crashing as I leisurely dined on lunch and then a coffee (what I love about Europe is that you can stay at your table for as long as you want and no server will bug you or even dare to drop a hint that you leave in order to make room for waiting guests).

Let me get to the point of this post. It all turned out all right at the end of the day. Just before bed, right after baths, Olivia dug out the superhero capes I recently bought them at Etsy. She and Lila "flew" around the house as I looked on and snapped pictures. They put on quite a show and, somehow, their happiness and laughter got me out of my bad mood. As soon as I was in better spirits, I was able to put them to bed easily!

We all know how happy any parent is when the kids go to bed quickly and easily! I have a whole evening of quiet solitude to look forward to and I can enjoy it so much more knowing that the girls went to bed with smiles on their faces because mama wasn't in a bad mood anymore!


Kristin & Jeff said...

I ordered capes from her too. They are awesome. I am waiting for Jeff to come home on R&R to give them to him. That will be his present for them for being good. I got them all for my kids friends & family - great Bday presents! Hope you can stay happy. Hang in there! I need a babysitter - anybody still in Fairbanks you know that will babysit?! hehe

brenda said...

That is too cute. I have been in a major funk too...too many things to tell you to tell you why. Anyhow, I love the capes and I am placing my order today!

Jay and Amie said...

So cute! Love the capes & am glad it brought everyone into a happy mood!!

jae rin said...

Girls' capes are so much cuter than ones for boys! But at least Wesley loves his.

Tara and Jeff said...

great story! I need a cape for my 3 month old to wear