Monday, March 23, 2009

Come Along and Walk With Me

Locals enjoying the sun, views, good company, and a bica (espresso).

A good friend and fellow blogger recently reminded me to do this post when she, recently, did one of her own. The weather here has been spectacular. I am a sun person. I need lots and lots of it. So, I take advantage of going for a power walk whenever I can. The Atlantic is directly across the street from our house. So, I thought I'd take a brief moment to share with you some pictures of what a walk looks like to me. These pictures do not do the scenery justice.

Here's a peak into my world during a walk anyway (but, really 100x's more beautiful):

Short walking trail just beyond the cafe with views of Cascais

Cactus on the trail

I don't know the name of the tree pictured above. But, as I walk back home, I find myself veering off the side of the ocean and onto a back street where trees such as the one above are aligned. It's aromatherapy at it's best. Almost a lilac smell - but, not quite. Sometimes the floral scent mixes with several other scents that I will take with me, memories of sorts in my mind, when I leave Portugal - the smell of the sea, baking bread and grilled fish.


The Dunns said...

Ahhhhhhhhh! Posts like this shouldn't be allowed! I would go outside right now and jump off my roof if I though it would help but I'd just land in a big pile of snow. It's 0 outside -- that's the warmest I've woken up to in 2 weeks.

;( grrumph

(BTW it looks absolutely beautiful, amazing, tropical, luscious, yummy!)

The Blech's said...

So beautiful! I would want to stay outside all day!

Jay and Amie said...

Love it!! You live in a beautiful place!

Katie said...

HA HA! The Dunns comment is hilarious. I want to go lay down in the street of my suburban American subdivision and be hit by an SUV driven by a soccer mom after seeing that.

God. I live in the wrong freaking place. How amazing it must be to see that everyday. Amazing.

House Dad said...

Isn't amazing how we start to realize the stuff we're going to miss when it comes time to move on?

VermontMommy said...

Looks and sounds heavenly. I hope you can go back and visit after your move.