Friday, March 27, 2009

Quotes of the Month

Just a few cute quotes here:

Olivia: "Mom, I'm going to take a three hour nap. Is that okay? Just three hours."

Olivia: "Miss Liliana doesn't have a baby in her belly. She is just big. She eats a lot of food."

Olivia: "Mommy, I need you to put a baby in your belly this summer."

Lila: "Mommy, NO! That is not appropriate!" (in response to anything she doesn't like).


Jay and Amie said...

Love these!

Katie said...

ha ha ha! She is a hoot!

So...are you? Putting a baby in your belly this summer????

Grams said...

If Mommy is going to have a baby in her belly this summer, do you want a brother or sister Olivia? Only out of the mouth of babes.
Can't wait to see my girls....a little bird said something about you being in NY and VT the beginning of July, did someone forget to tell grams and grampa?

Natalie said...

No, Katie. No baby in belly this summer. I've decided that IF we have one more, Liv needs to be in school full-time and Lila in preschool. I don't have the patience to have a newborn, a toddler and preschooler! I'm really on the fence about baby #3 and when Olivia approaches Kindergarten age and Lila preschool age, we'll reevaluate.