Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Baby sister and I at the beach

My baby sister (recent graduation picture above) arrived late this weekend and my girls have been eating her up! Seriously, they have ditched me for her (except at bedtime when they cannot resist putting me through bedtime angst)! Lila cracks me up each and every time she yells, "Auntie!"

Mostly, we've been relaxing. The weather has been fabulous and we hope to spend a little time on the beach this afternoon. I've introduced her to the local food and wine (YUM).

Yesterday, we went to Obidos (walled-in city an hour away). We shopped around for local handmade goods and had lunch. Here are a few pictures:

Dad and Andrea

Beautiful flowers spilling down nearly every wall of the city


Jay and Amie said...

So beautiful!! Glad Andrea had the opportunity to get out there & see you!

We're looking forward to seeing your parents this weekend at Tricia's wedding! :)

VermontMommy said...

Lovely pictures. I cannot believe how grown up Andrea is. I cannot recall the last time I saw her but she was a little, little girl. WOW!

brenda said...

Cute photos...and, you look MARVY! Would you send me that green dress?!?!?