Friday, May 29, 2009

Little Miss Disrespectful

Four-year-old's are known for being honest, right? They are entitled to their own opinions and we encourage children to speak their mind, and try to teach them to do it with tact and respect.

Olivia does not, apparently, the have tact and respect part down quite yet. This is how part of my parents visit went:

Olivia: "Grandma, you know, I like my other grandmother, Grandma Patty, better than you."

Grams: Gasp and cry.

Natalie: "Olivia, apologize to your grandmother. She loves you just as much as Grandma Patty and that wasn't a very nice thing to say. That made her heart hurt. She's sad now."

Olivia: "I'm sorry, Grams. I love you."

Next Day:

Grams: "Olivia, do you know that Gramps and I are leaving tomorrow?"

Olivia: "Yeah, but I don't care because I like my other grandma better than you."

Matt and I, obviously, have our work cut out for us!