Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Things That Made Me Happy Today

  • This morning, I tried on a sundress that I wore on my honeymoon and discovered that it was too big! I promptly took it in to be altered.
  • Today, I am wearing a new sundress and Olivia declared, in English and Portuguese, that I was very beautiful today.
  • I was able to stock up on another non-FDA approved drug. One that stops vertigo attacks within a half hour (approx) and which my babysitter calls her Meniere's attack SOS (She raves about it - It's Stugeron Forte if any of my friends in medicine are curious). I have 120 pills. They do not expire until 2014. I hope I never have to use one. But, the pharmacist recommended I have one on me at all times, especially one in my car. She stated that it works much better than Antivert (AKA non-drowsy Dramamine) and does not cause drowsiness in most people. I believe it's been approved in the EU since 1955. I'm not going to contemplate why the FDA hasn't approved it. I'll just get angry because it probably has something to with politics or something so entirely stupid, I'll just start crying and yelling at innocent American doctors. I never imagined I'd get so excited about scoring non-FDA approved drugs. DH likes to tell me that there's a reason they aren't approved in the US (The US knows everything there is to know about proper medicine, right?!). While I don't want to be on any drugs, of course, both of the drugs have been approved here for so many decades and have yet to be pulled, I trust in them.
  • Today, I am on day three of feeling 85% normal. Since April, I usually spend two-three weeks straight suffering from a loud buzzing in my right ear. It sounds much like someone running a vacuum cleaner next to my ear at all times (and just as loud). Nothing I do gets rid of it. After a mini-Meniere's attack on Saturday, the ringing went back to the way it's been for three years and other than that, I only suffer from mild pain and mild ear pressure. I do not expect this to last more than a few more days. However, today, I am so happy about it, I cried. Oh, to feel normal again. Bliss, I tell you!
  • I had a wonderful seaside, sushi lunch with a good friend. The food was delicious, the views spectacular, the weather warm and breezy and the company perfect.
  • My girls spent a good half hour this afternoon getting along while they "did" my hair. Currently, they are aspiring beauticians.
The only thing that could make this day better would be the girls going to bed just as nicely as they did last night (they were PERFECT)!


The Matthaidess' said...

Great blog! I'm glad that your day is going so well.

As far as the whole drug issue goes (I worked for a drug company in MA), getting drugs approved has just enough to do with politics as it does with what's right for the patient. Why do you think Viagra was approved so quickly???

Tricia said...

I'm glad you had a good day!

Angie said...

I think some of the drug problems happen when stuff gets approved quickly (I'm remembering diet drugs from the late 90s) that end up causing major health problems. But, I'm glad that you have been able to stock up.

I meant to comment yesterday. I'm sorry to hear that you are dealing with your ear problems. I hope that you have many better days than bad.

Cindi said...

I need to come live with you for a year so you can cook for me and I can get down to where I can wear clothes that I have that are now back in style...But I can't live in Kansas because I have to work, and you are probably saying "PHEW"!
Love you, Mom
PS Glad the girls are being good for you. XO XO XO XO