Thursday, July 2, 2009

Olivia Keeps Us Laughing

We're in the process of moving (we'll be leaving Portugal in less than a week). Life is a bit crazy and we're trying to soak up sun, sea, and time with friends before we leave. Our emotions swing daily. Sometimes we're excited to be moving back to the continental US (it's been over five years). Other times, we're filled with utter saddness and disbelief (Admittingly, that's mostly me - because while Matt likes it here, his dream duty station consists of snow and mountain peaks beckoning him).

Olivia has been giving us some much needed humor during this move and I had to share some of her thoughts:

  • "I speak two languages. Portuguese and the Regular langauge. You know, the language I speak at home. That's the Regular langauge."
  • "I don't want to go to an American school. My friends there will speak English, not Portuguese, so I won't know how to talk to them."
  • "Mom, that black watch looks like crap with that dress. You better wear your gold one."

Lately, she enjoys running around the house singing school songs and the following:

  • "Mama mia, here we go again..."
  • "I kissed a girl and I liked it..." (I know I should switch the station...but the song is catchy!)
  • "Suzie, Suzie, Suzie, Suzie, Suzie Greenberg..." (Her dad is a Phish fan...).


The Dunns said...

How cute!

I let my boys listen to music when they are falling asleep and their #1 favorite CD is Mama Mia! (I'm not sure what Steve is going to think of that when he gets back.)

Jay and Amie said...

What a crack up!!

brenda said...

Nora love Mama Mia! And, don't worry about kiss the girls.:)

kentandjaerin said...

that 3rd comment is hilarious. see you soon!