Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alaska Reunion!

Jae Rin, myself and the children

I only have a quick moment to post before I head out with the girls on a flight to our new home in Kansas (DH is already there). However, I just had to post a couple (There are a few more I'll try to add to this post at a later time) of pictures from my visit with Jae Rin and her boys the other day. Olivia and Wesley took no time at catching up and playing well together.

I met Jae Rin in Alaska shortly before our husbands' deployed to Iraq for 16-months. She was instrumental in guiding me through the ins and outs, supplying reading material and first hand knowledge, of baby-wearing and natural childbirth (we both had waterbirths). When we each left Alaska to different parts of the world (she to Massachusetts and me to Portugal), we stayed in touch through blogging, Facebook, email and, of course, over the phone.

She now lives close to my in-laws in New York and it was so exciting to be able to visit with her and her family for a whole day earlier this week. She made us lunch and dinner (food was fantastic!) and the kids played together just like old times. The latest addition to their family, Nathan, is a cutie! I could have spent all day just pinching his chubby cheeks!

I'll be sure to swing by their house when we're back visiting in NY! It's so great to be able to catch up with old friends! The Army is small and I hope that, someday, we'll be stationed together again!


The Dunns said...

How fun! I'm glad you got a picture of Nathan. He is huge and adorable. I laugh each time I see him. Did Liv & Wesley remember each other from before? I always wonder if Daniel would remember his friends from that time we had together.

jae rin said...

It was great to see you too! You guys are welcome anytime!