Saturday, December 19, 2009

Explosion Bags

Sorry, no time for pictures - but, if you've been following me on Facebook, you know that we're about to embark from Kansas to New York. By car. In my Prius. How long of a drive is it, you ask? Twenty hours.

I've been trying to pack all day. This morning, Olivia was demanding, crying, whining and trashing the house as I tried to do laundry and pack. Eventually, I begged her and her sister off on a neighbor for an hour. I was able to shove food in my mouth, run to the post office and throw in another load of laundry.

The girls are fast asleep, finally, but the house is still trashed. I hate to leave the house a mess. Returning to a messy house after a 2o-hour road trip, with two children under the age of five, is a recipe for, oh, I don't know, just bad stuff all-around.

My head is about to explode and it's not just from thinking about a long car ride. I think we're getting some sort of small storm here and the barometric pressure change has my ears filled with so much pressure, I feel as if I've been in a plane, on descent, all day long (actually, since yesterday or the day before) and it's now given me a headache and I'm so tired, I just want to give up on packing and have someone do it for me (Matt's at his grad school class).

I hate meniere's disease! Hate it! As Kristin Chenoweth (Meniere's suffer, the original Glinda in Wicked, Emmy award winner for her Pushing Daisies roll, recent guest star on Glee) says, " sucks a big fat corn cob." She inspires me - because through it all, she finds a way to shine and laugh (which, I just don't feel like doing right now), even when Meniere's steps in right after she accepts her Emmy and puts more than a little bit of a damper on her moment (also paramedics must be called because she is flat out with a meniere's migraine).

Anyway, more on that later, for sure. I've got a lot to say about it. But, for now, I must go finish packing, what Matt calls, the "explosion bags." As soon as we reach our destination, the bags are rummaged through and, inevitably, explode all over the floor and reduce my husband to tears of frustration.


Katie said...

so does stress bring on an attack of meniere's?

I have a new theory about having a clean house before leaving. It isn't worth it. You kill yourself trying to get it done and you leave and go on your trip. When you walk in the door from your trip it looks nice for about 2 seconds. Then all the suitcases and crap gets dumped, the kid ransack their toys they missed. Everything is INSTANTLY trashed. And then you are PISSED because you spent all that time and effort cleaning and now it is ruined and you've only been home 5 minutes.

So, try to just let it go.....(I still suck at that part!)

Have a GREAT trip!!

Natalie said...

Katie, stress is the #1 trigger for most menieres patients. Then, sodium, alcohol, sugar and caffeine. All may not throw u into a vertigo/hearing loss attack,but can increase daily bouts of dizziness and/or balance issues, increased ringing in ears, and ear pressure. It SUCKS. Though the pressure is what I suffer from the mist so far. Also, weather changes are a huge one for me, it seems. The wild card I can do nothing about. I have a lot of anxiety bc you never know when you'll have an attack or especially bad symptoma. Like with kristen at the emmy's, it steikes at the worst times. She was probably stressed that night.
I didn't get the house clean and I am over it already..until I get back home...

Kiera and Joe said...

Good luck on your trip!! We always made long road trips as kids. We drove from AZ to Canada all the time and did it in one strait shot! 24 hours in the car! It was always interesting :) Can't wait to hear all about it. Happy Holidays!