Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lila+Preschool=Where Did the Time Go?

Today was Lila's first day of preschool. I was a bit sad to send her off. As she walked down our stairs, out the door and into Matt's truck, pink backpack on her back, I had to bite my lip in order to stop myself from crying. Where has the time gone?

Matt dropped her off and she spent 30-minutes in hourly care before being transferred to Adventures (her preschool room). Since Matt passes by her school every morning, he'll drop her off each Tuesday and Thursday morning. He has to be at class at 8:30. So, she spends 30-minutes in hourly care (her class runs from 8:30-11:30). Olivia's preschool is in a different town, in the opposite direction. So, Matt bringing her will save me having to make the trip twice.

I switched Olivia's preschool days to Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's (she's excited about this because her best friend attends preschool on these days). That way I can have a little free time on Tuesday's and Thursday's when they are both in school. Selfish? Maybe. However, I have to drive into Shawnee, KS for allergy shots every Tuesday morning. They are quite pleasant appointments (the shot is in my butt). So, it's not like I'm really out there enjoying myself. Though, I will have a chance to stop at Whole Food's on my way home, or do some quick errands. Thursday mornings, I'll start taking a spinning class. So, it's not like I'll be at a coffee shop, sipping coffee and eating bon bons with friends. But, I did feel a bit guilty. For all of two seconds.

Lila loved her first day of school. She said she had strawberries and bread for a snack. Later, she changed her story and told me that she was read a story about strawberries and bread. She also played outside. No crying (Lila's the sensitive one - so this was a bit surprising). Olivia's been going to school for two years now and I'm sure Lila was excited to finally get her turn. In fact, she went to bed crying because she wants to go to school again tomorrow.

Don't grow up too quickly, sweetie!


~Nerderella said...

Awww, I remember Mya's first day of school. I dropped her off and the teacher was sitting at a table with two other kids. Mya went and sat at another table. I almost cried seeing her sit there alone, but inched towards the door. I then heard her teacher ask her why she was sitting over there and she said "Oh, because you guys are playing with real scissors and I am not allowed!"

She wasn't upset...just following a "rule" we had.

When I picked her up she cried the entire way home because she wanted to go back.

The Matthaidess' said...

Glad to hear that Lila likes her school. I know that I'll probably be sad as well when Tate and his little brother head off to school. At least you get a little bit of free time to yourself:-)

House Dad said...

I'm jealous. Ellie goes MWF and Campbell goes TTh. It's is nice though in that I now get some good one on one time with each of them again.