Friday, February 5, 2010

Back to Reality

Well, it's been just about a week since Matt was notified that his next duty station will be in Germany. I was jumping up and down and, to be honest, ecstatic!..

Now, I'm back in reality. There is a general hassle when moving overseas. We have to sell Matt's 4-Runner which has seriously low mileage and is in fairly excellent condition for it's age. Then, we have to figure out what to put in storage, stock up a few items that may not be easily found over there (my favorite dishwasher detergent and weird things one wouldn't think about).

Before all the planning, however, we need orders! The military is known to change direction quite frequently. Matt could get his request for orders (RFO) within the next couple of weeks and they could contain a different location. It's unlikely - but, it's been known to happen! So, we wait (being a military spouse requires a lot of patience because we do a LOT of waiting).

In the mean time:

  • Olivia is about to turn five. I can't believe it. I have horrible baby fever. My husband does not. End of story.
  • Both Olivia and Lila have been showering me with this: "Mom, I have something to tell you....I love you!" It must be a stage. But, I love it anyway!
  • The weather has been disappointing. Yup, I'm talking about the weather. Boring, I know. But, the lack of sun is getting to me a little bit. I've been taking lots of Vitamin D-3 and it has helped immensely. Generally, I really turn into a major depressed, nut-case. That stuff really does help. But, we're going on several weeks of only seeing the sun for short bursts here or there. Annoying. Spring can come now. Please. I'm begging. Thank goodness for my book club ladies and my wonderful neighbor, Amy, who I annoy daily with all kinds of random complaining.
  • So far, no H1N1 or stomach bugs (Actually, Lila puked one time a few months ago but it was so painless, it doesn't count). Just typical colds (which knock me to ground because my severe allergies interfering with normal immune system function). In the stomach bug department, it may help that my kids eat close to a gallon of yogurt a week and I sneak it into everything I can. I'm trying incorporate more cultured foods and sometimes I make them kefir smoothies on top of their yogurt consumption. I'm a firm believer that Americans don't eat nearly enough cultured foods daily and are, therefore, more prone to stomach bugs than some other countries. But, then again, maybe we've just been lucky and tomorrow we'll be throwing up everywhere.
  • We have a Prius. If you watch the news, no, we don't have break problems currently. Some of you have expressed concern. So, yes, we'll make sure to pay attention to the situation and get a good check-up before we head back overseas.

That's it. I have nothing else. Have a great weekend!

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House Dad said...

OK, I'll say it.... Calm down. Seriously.