Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Plea to Fight Obesity

Obesity is a subject that is near and dear to me. I come from a family that has always struggled with their weight. I've, personally, struggled with it and you all know that I've blogged about it. Immediate family members have obesity-related disease. I blog about it and spread the word about it because it is REAL to me and I am scared.

I urge all of you watch Jamie Oliver's plea, then blog this video, Facebook this video, email this video (even if you and your family doesn't struggle with weight). Plea to your schools, join Jamie Oliver in the fight. Until your school can feed your children proper meals, pack them a lunch filled with real, healthy, fresh food. Make a statement with your dollar! Don't support school lunches that only provide your children with food-like substances or meals over-loaded with salt and sugar, all of which contribute to weak immune systems, obesity, depression and more.

Our children are projected to have a shorter lifespan than us, their parents! Let's work to change this statistic! We need to act now. Teach our children about food, where it comes from. Teach them how to cook several meals from scratch. Get them to appreciate REAL food. We need to stop the child abuse that is going on in homes and in schools. We need to give our children a better quality of life. We need to be role models.

Please watch the video (grab some tissues!), share it and act!

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