Monday, February 15, 2010

"The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow..."

This week, I was THAT mom. You know. The one who brings her sick kids to play with other kids.

Monday night, Olivia woke up just before midnight screaming, "Mom! I don't feel very well." The week went downhill from there. Fevers, snot-nosed, cranky behavior, waking up five-times-a-night. No one slept. Well, except my husband (when he wasn't working until all hours of the night on a paper or Farmville or something Total Warfare). When Olivia woke up screaming that she couldn't breath, Lila would wake up and cry because she was scared for Olivia.

The only "good" thing (if you can call it that) is that Liv woke up two nights in a row SCREAMING of an earache. I don't give antibiotics for ear infections unless I have to. As in, rising fever, increased pain, Motrin not working. So, when I had an ENT appointment last week for myself (Because what's new? I spend a zillion hours a year at ENT/Allergy/Neurotologist's offices), I brought Olivia. The PA said that Olivia was so stuffy, it, most likely, was not the kind of infection that antibiotics would help. Sure enough, she was right. That night was her last complaint, she woke in the morning saying her ear was fine and hasn't complained since. Thank goodness. I did not want to hit a ped's office during flu season and I didn't want to destroy her gut flora by giving her antibiotics and, in return, making her more susceptible to a stomach bug!

Then, Lila came down with "it." And, "it" went immediately to her eyes. Slits for eyes. Eye boogers. I tried the homeopathic thing. Didn't do a thing. Fortunately, I had an unopened tube of antibiotic eye gel. That did the trick. 15-hours later, Olivia and Lila both looked good, I went to a play date with a half dozen friends. I kept Lila on my back, in the Ergo, for most of the time and locked in a booster seat for the rest of the time. The next morning, Olivia woke up with red, oozy eyes. I haven't heard anything from any mothers. But, I'm SO hoping we didn't spread, "The Love!"

Now I'm sick. Seriously, this has to stop! It's my third cold in five weeks. I think I've been healthy for five days during that time. I do everything to prevent colds. Nasal irrigation 2x's daily (all year), elderberry every day, vitamin D-3, zinc, exercise, sleep. Still get everything the girls bring home. This seriously cuts into my gym time. So much for getting in great shape for Spring/Summer. I want to get to Germany and be able to do some pretty intense hikes with Matt. Yeah. That's looking like it WON'T happen. I can't stay healthy long enough to get in any kind of good shape!

So, we've been watching a lot of Annie around here. It's Olivia's new favorite movie. At least Matt and I both like it. So, it hasn't gotten on our nerves yet. Actually, Olivia kind of reminds us of Annie. She's a fiesty little mother-hen.

Anyway, blah blah. I know many of you have been sick too. But, maybe the sun will come out more ways than one!


brenda said...

Your life sounds like MINE, except Chad is not here to enjoy:) AND, I have ordered the POSTER...keep calm and carry hang in our kitchen. Be calm, this too shall pass.

The Matthaidess' said...

Sorry to hear that things are so rough. Hope things get better for you guys.