Friday, April 30, 2010

What Does Soccer Mean to Olivia?

We have no idea what soccer means to Olivia. I wish I had video of her most recent soccer game. It was so uncomfortable to watch, I almost didn't want to admit that she was my child!

First of all, it's her first season and it's clear she hasn't grasped the game yet. As in, she doesn't even know what goal her team is supposed to be kicking towards.

Then, she's easily distracted. She's picking flowers, staring off into space, or practicing moves for her upcoming dance recital as the ball passes her by. It's embarrassingly hilarious to watch.

During the weekend, she'll complain that she is only interested in ballet and doesn't want to go to soccer during the upcoming week. She has told us that we're forcing her. Then, on the day of soccer, she'll be excited about it and get ready hours ahead of time.

I'm not so sure soccer is going to be a game she sticks with. But, exposure to various different sports can't hurt. So, we'll stick it out this season and reevaluate in the Fall!


Jay and Amie said...

What a cutie! I think it's great you're exposing her to a sport & that she gets excited about it at least some of the time! Maybe she'll be more excited about it when she "gets it"...

Would love to see video!!!

The Matthaidess' said...

My sister has had several kids play soccer. It always starts with them not knowing what is going on and they'll either stand on the field bored or sit on the field bored.'s not unusual that she's not too crazy about it. Fortunately, my sister's kids seem to come around and several of them have played for several years.'s good that you're exposing her to different things. That's the only way she'll know if she likes doing something or not.

The Dunns said...

There's a name for Olivia's "problem". It is called "BEING FIVE". :) That is so totally normal and not at all indicative of her future ability or interest. Enjoy! They are so cute playing at that age!