Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Class of 2023

Olivia graduated from preschool last week. The school put on a very simple ceremony. Her preschool teacher cried as she announced the class of 2023. Of course, her tears were contagious and I lost it there for a second too.

Olivia will enter kindergarten next year. We hope to enroll her in a German school, instead of a school on the U.S. military installation. It may be a little bit more complicated to do that than we had anticipated. Therefore, school for Olivia in the Fall is still a bit a uncertain. We arrive in Germany on the first of July and will immediately investigate all her German options. We hope to send her on a wonderful journey!


The Dunns said...

Olivia is beautiful!

We are hoping to do German school, too. We'll have to keep in touch about that.c

Grams said...

Grammy just got teary eyed.....you didn't tell us.....will have to do something special when the girls are here in VT......Hugs

Jay and Amie said...

Congrats, Liv!! She looks so grown up!