Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ballet Recital

The girls have been taking ballet classes since September (This was Olivia's second year in ballet). Yesterday, they wrapped up the year with a recital. We weren't allowed to video tape it (we'll get a DVD of it in June from the dance studio) but I snapped a picture or two before the show started.

Leavenworth is a fairly small town. There are only two dance studios in town to choose from. My friend, Amy, and I call the studio we signed our children up at, "Ghetto Ballet." If my girls showed any talent in the future, we certainly would be looking for a studio that steps it up a notch or two. However, since we're moving, it doesn't matter. Besides, the girls are still way too young to be taking any form of dance or sport very seriously. So, it's been a fun year, despite the fact that the studio doesn't really meet my standard.

The recital was very cute! Though, at some point, either right before, during or right after, Lila peed her pants. We can't have an event not tainted with drama now can we!

Next year, I'll be sure to buy flowers! I thought they were way too young to notice that other girls would be getting flowers - they weren't. Lila was heartbroken that she didn't leave with flowers in hand. What was I thinking!!

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