Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Goodbye, Denali

Over the past few months, we've been mulling over the idea of sending our dog to a better home. We hadn't been giving him the exercise that he needed. I'm allergic to him and he's crazy-food obsessed. For years we have had to keep all food out of his reach. He would go to great lengths to steal food. I can't even tell you how much food or even whole dishes that have been lost to that dog.

When we found out that we were moving back overseas and we'd have to drop at least $700 to get him back over (leaving in the summer, when the weather is very warm, makes it difficult to fly him because of airline weather/heat restrictions) and then found out that we'd be living in apartment-style housing with no yard, we decided it was best to find him a new home.

He is a very loving dog. He let the girls dress him up and drag him around the house. They pulled on his ears and smothered him with hugs. He's overly-friendly and eager to please. So, the decision was a bit heartbreaking, I must say.

I emailed the Humane Society, who emailed another local organization and we got a taker immediately. An elderly couple, who have had two Boykin spaniels in the past, had a long-standing message with a local organization to call them if they ever came across another Boykin. I received an immediate phone call from a lovely woman named Norma. I told her a little about him, asked if she wanted to meet him to which she replied, "No. I just want him. I love Boykin's and am about 100% certain I want him."

On Sunday, I dropped him off at his new home, after the girls had said their goodbyes (Lila cried hysterically - but, is absolutely fine now. Olivia did not care in the least). As soon as he stepped out of the truck, Norma started to cry. She fell in love instantly.

Denali now has lots of room to run, a creek to swim in and a loving family to spend each and every day with. He'll spend time walking with his owner at the park and riding in the car to visit family nearby.

It was very difficult to give Denali away. He's been a part of our family for seven years and several moves. However, I feel confident that he will enjoy his new home much more than he was enjoying life with us.


The Dunns said...

I'm sure it's incredibly difficult but it sounds like a very good decision for everyone. I hope your hearts heal soon.

Angie said...

That would really be so hard. I'm glad that you found someone to love him, though.

The Matthaidess' said...

Glad to hear that you found Denali a good home!