Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Farewell, Taggie!

Olivia in Ireland with Taggie
Yesterday, Olivia lost her beloved Taggie. Taggie has been with Olivia since she was 10-months-old (Actually, she lost her first one on a plane at 10-months and I quickly replaced it with the one shown above in her hand). It has traveled with her from Alaska, to New York, to Portugal, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Germany, Gibraltar, Vermont, Kansas, Colorado and back to Germany. She has slept with Taggie every single night for nearly five years.

We went back to each place it could have been lost yesterday to no avail. She drew a picture of Taggie, held it in front of her and asked people if they had seen it. She worries that Taggie is lonely without her. Her little heart is broken. Tonight, she told me she would die without Taggie and cried herself to sleep.

She has three other "sensitive" items she has had longer or nearly as long as Taggie (stuffed bear, large blanket and a pillow). She loves each of those items, doesn't sleep without them either, yet, explains that they don't smell like Taggie. Though, the large blanket feels like Taggie when she sleeps and that helped last night.

Matt and I, in the recent past, discussed that it was nearly time for her to give up Taggie. Almost daily she would exclaim, "I love my Taggie!!" Matt thought she was getting a bit too old to be that attached to a blanket. I kind of agreed with that thinking - but, it couldn't have happened at a worse time. Matt's deploying this week and we are moving into our new home tomorrow (the final move-in). This move has been difficult for her and I guess I can expect lots of acting out over the next few weeks.

Usually, we didn't let her take it out of the car and, often made her leave it at home. Yesterday, she was being especially bratty, having been "traumatized" when I washed Taggie without her permission, and I didn't even think to have her leave it behind.

I don't know how many nights she'll cry herself to sleep - but, I'll probably join her for a night or two. Who the heck knew losing a baby blanket would be so upsetting (Now I know how a parent must feel when she takes her toddler's pacifier away cold-turkey).


~Nerderella said...

I am so sorry. The whole story just breaks my heart. I was hoping so badly that you found it today.

Anderson Family said...

I am so sorry to hear about Taggie...Mara has a pooh bear that she can't live without. I don't know how she would sleep if she didn't have pooh. I am not looking forward to the day that pooh falls apart because we can't find a replacement anywhere...we have been looking for years. I have the hard nights pass soon and things are not too hard for you these next few weeks...the life of a stay at home military spouse/mom is not an easy road to travel.

Grams said...

Grammy is so sad that you lost your taggie Olivia. I want you to know that I love you lots and lots.