Sunday, August 15, 2010

Internet - What's That?

Just a quick not to apologize for not updating. We haven't had proper internet since we moved out of the guest house. We should be back up and running by Tuesday and I'll update more then. Here's a few quick tidbits of information:

  1. I started German classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights. It's a simple class, taught mostly in German and I think I'll get enough out of it to get by at restaurants, stores and markets.
  2. Matt deployed to Iraq. Projected to return in December. Will post address here when I get it.
  3. I registered for two college classes and was sent information on contacts here for my internship. Lots of details to work out - but, getting it in order. Slowly.
  4. We ordered a new Taggie for Olivia. Same exact one - just brand new. She asks for it daily and I'm not even sure it's shipped yet. Poor kid.
  5. Completed the girls German school registration (minus their physicals) and entered them into Ballet and Tap class for the Fall.

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