Saturday, September 11, 2010

Raw Milk Vending Machine

My family and I drink raw milk. In Kansas, we purchased raw cow or goat's milk from the Bryant Family Farm weekly. Every morning, I would skim cream off the top and add it to our coffee or my Teeccino (Delicious coffee alternative).

When we first moved to Germany, I thought it would be near impossible to find it. What, with the language barrier and all. How would I find it? I had seen pictures of milk vending machines across Europe online. But, surely, it couldn't be that easy to purchase?

I've been pleasantly surprised. Since I love to talk, I easily chatted up locals who were able to tell me where to find it. The vending machine above is the third one I've seen just in the Heidelberg area alone. Raw milk is hard to come by in the States and it's controversial. It is not here. There doesn't appear to be nearly the fear of raw milk here as there is in the States. Which makes me wonder if it's truly a food safety issue or driven by something else. Ah, but, I digress.

Just five miles from my house in Wiesloch, Germany, there are two farms selling raw milk. One is a goat's milk farm and another an organic farm where organic food, raw milk and produce are sold. The above vending machine is open 24-7. Milk sells at 1E/liter. Consumers must supply their own jars.

It comes out of the vending machine ice cold and tastes creamy and delicous! At $4.45/gallon, it's more than worth it!


The Dunns said...

That's great! I wish I had your confidence in asking about things like that. You'll have to come over here for a couple days and find out where all that is for me. :)

Heather said...

Sent the pic to my milk group since we all rotate driving 6 hours round trip to make a run for milk every two weeks.

Najia said...

I am over here now. Could you give me directions to those farms? :)

Anonymous said...

There are a few such machines in Kenya but i would be interested to know the manufacturer of this one on the photo.