Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Last week, the girls started kindergarten. Each morning, we walk to school. On rainy days, they walk in their rain boots and rain gear. On clear days, Olivia rides her bike. When they arrive, they have to take off their outside shoes and put on their house shoes (see Olivia's red ones above).

I spent the first day at school with them, as their teachers asked me to, to help them settle in. Lila was immediately impressed with their fish tank. Olivia now hopes that a fish will replace the dog we gave away this past summer.

At around 10:30 classrooms begin taking turns sitting down for a lunch - or more like a mid-morning snack. The school has a strict no sugar policy. The strawberry yogurt I brought in the first day was a no-no. Only plain yogurt with fruit, drizzled with a dab of honey is allowed. I love that rule, of course. I had just run out of homemade yogurt - so I bought some and, what do you know, I got in trouble!

At 12:30, they sit in a circle, in their respective classrooms, and eat what they didn't finish earlier, along with fruit and tea or water provided by the school. So, each morning, I make sure I pack a protein-rich lunch for them.

Olivia belongs to the yellow group. When she wants to go to another room, or outside, she must take her magnetic picture and put it under the picture that corresponds to where she is going. This helps the teachers keep track of where each child is and teaches them accountability. I was unsure of the open concept way of this school at first. However, I think it is going to work out well for them.

The girls play outside rain or shine. In rainy weather, they play in rain coats, pants and boots. They can ride bikes, swing, play in the sandbox and so on.

Olivia and Lila, despite the language barrier, love school. Lila cries when I come to pick them up each afternoon. Even though the school closes at 1400 and everyone is leaving, she can't understand why she can't stay.

Already, (Olivia especially) they are coming home with German words. So far, just a few each day. But, they'll catch on to sentances quickly.
They are delighted to be in school, making up to five friends a day (according to Olivia) and I am pleased to be able to watch embark on this journey!


Jay and Amie said...

What a great post! I'm glad to hear they are adjusting so nicely!

House Dad said...

School rocks, doesn't it? It's so cool to see how their little minds are challenged.