Sunday, October 31, 2010

"I Feel Older Now"

For about a month, Olivia had been asking if she could get her ears pierced. Matt and I had a prior agreement that she would not get them pierced until she asked. Soon after she started school, she started asking. Everyday. I was four when I got my ears pierced, 12 when I got a second hole and 32 when I got my navel pierced. I do not think piercing is a big deal. So, I was up for it.

Since I like to torture my mother - as in she must see someone in pain when she visits (she was there when I gave birth to Lila in the water), I decided that Liv could get her ears pierced the afternoon before my parents left Germany.

I wish I had great pictures of the event. However, I don't. The one good picture I have of her, shiny earrings and sleeping peacefully, is posted on Facebook. It's an Iphone photo and I don't know how to get it to upload here at full-size.

Anyway, here in Germany, they do not pierce both ears at the same time (We've since asked around and this appears to be true). So, as soon as Olivia got one ear pierced, she was done. She promptly started screaming, slid out of her chair, onto the floor and had a panic attack of sorts. I had to calm her down, and convince the man piercing her ears that she was okay enough to proceed (He was about ready to kick us out).

Now that all is said and done (it's been a little over a week now), I have to say that I am proud of her. The first night, one fell out (of course). She was brave while I put it back in the morning. She lets me clean them twice a day. She rotates them and checks to make sure the backs are secure before she goes to bed each night. She longs for dangly earrings.

What did she have to say after it was all over and she was in the saftey of her home, away from the horrible piercing man??

"Mom, I feel a little bit older now."

So do I, Olivia. So do I!


Anonymous said...

It was an experience, of course you forgot to say you had to promise her the world and that you had to take her outside before she got the 2nd ear done.....But in the end, she has some very pretty earrings.....and looks like a beautiful princess.....Love you guys......Call grams when it's Lila's turn!!!! I'll be there, or let's do it in VT when they do both at the same time!

Heather said...

How can they be this big?

The Dunns said...

What a rite of passage! Sounds like you all did well with it. :)

Angie said...

I didn't know anybody did them at the same time. I can see for a kid it would be a good thing, though. Definitely a rite of passage.