Sunday, October 24, 2010

Catching Up...In Belgium

Cow crossing - Belgium

Belgium beer - yum!

Baby-wearing our toddlers in Brugge


While military life is hard, what, with all the deployments and frequent moves, there are some perks. One of them being that you make friends in each place that you make home for a short time. Eventually, you have friends all over the country and world.

So, when my friend, Brenda, from Alaska, invited me to come visit her and her family in Belgium, I couldn't say no. It'd be great to catch up and get away. Her girls are about my girls' ages. So, we drove five hours from here in Germany to her home in Belgium.

Olivia complained, the entire drive, that I was being a mean mom, making her sit in a car all that way when she had new best friends in Germany she could be playing with.

Olivia loves to pose!


Within a half hour of arriving, Olivia and Brenda's oldest daughter were holding hands and declaring themselves best friends. Brenda's younger daughter, Ella, gave Olivia the inspiration to change her name. She now signs all her papers with the name: Olivia Ella. Currently, she even has the initials, OE scribbled on top of one her hand.

Brenda and her husband brought the girls and I into Brugge. We had a lovely time, despite the rain. I especially got a kick out of the racey chocolate displays in the windows! I have to say that the waffles didn't knock my socks off. I've had waffles just as good in the States. The chocolate I picked up at a local shop was delicious, however

It was wonderful catching up with Brenda and her family. They so graciously took us in for the weekend and our children got along fabulously! I would love to see more of Brenda and her family - here's hoping they end up stationed near us soon!

Below is a picture of one of the chocolate displays in the window. It's a bit racey, but I just had to post it!

Chocolate display: Brugge

Enjoying Crepes at De Halve Maan


House Dad said...

I like the chocolate. :)

Looks like fun. I am so jealous of you and the girls.

brenda said...

We had fun too. Maybe next time, you and Matt can come and we will watch the girls.

Smitty 1, 2 , 3 and 4 said...

I love the picture of you and Brenda with the girls in your Ergos. Love it!

Angie said...

I think I posted a photo from the same shop on our visit to Brugge. We wanted more time there. Yummy chocolate, too. All Belgian waffles are not created equal. We had some in Tongeren that were worth the long wait. They had bits of sugar in them and were meant to be held in your hand, no fork needed. One of my European experiences that I plan to recreate. First I need a Belgian waffle iron (I think.)