Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nuremberg, Germany

While Matt was in Iraq, he was browsing the net one evening and found a great weekend apartment rental in Nuremberg, Germany. Germany hosts a great many Christmas markets during December and Nuremberg hosts the largest (Christmas markets sell seasonal sweets, German food, crafts, etc). Not a couple to pass up drinking (Gluwein is served at these markets - even organic varieties - I prefer mine with a dash, or more, of amaretto) to make shopping with young children more pleasurable, he booked that apartment and we drove the two hours to check out that market in Bavaria's second-largest city.

Gluwein-How we make trips to markets more bearable with children

Despite the slush (Not Ugg-friendly, by the way) and cold, it was beautiful and we had a fantastic time. The apartment was fab and comfy. While Olivia came down with a stomach bug and got sick all over a lovely rug, she recovered quickly and we were able to carry on with the rest of our weekend without a glitch. We were even able to snag a baby-sitter one evening and, therefore, enjoyed our first date-night in six or more months. Divine!

Brewer's star near top of building

Before heading home, we toured a local brewery. There, we learned that the star on the building and in some medieval pictures we saw, was not the Star of David. It was the brewer's star (Same symbol, however, no relation to Star of David). During WWII, brewers stopped using it, for obvious reasons. Recently, some brewers have introduced it again. You can see it on the building above. Also of interest is the series of underground tunnels in Nuremberg (part of one in which we visited). When the city was bombed in WWII, casualties were low, compared to other cities, because residents were able to escape to the tunnels (previously used for beer brewing and then for pickling).

We had such a lovely time, we may go back again next year! Matt has decided that Nuremberg has the best brats and I've decided it has the best lebkuchen (gingerbread-type cookies). Those two food items, the gluwein, and beauty of the town may have us back again next year!


Angie said...

Yes! Nurnberger brats are the best. We lived close to there and those were the kind that were sold locally. I'm getting hungry thinking about them. Playmobil land is near there got the kids. The zoo is fairly nice as well. Of course, those are both better in warm months. Don't know how many markets you checked out, but sometimes the smaller ones were better. We went to one in a castle at night. With the lights it was just beautiful.

The Dunns said...

I'll have to add that to my list. Sounds like a nice trip.

Kristen said...

Love your posts Natalie! Glad to hear you're all doing so well! Much love!!! XOXO
P.S. LOVE the pictures!