Monday, January 3, 2011

One Can Dream, Right?

For 2011, all I want for myself and my family, is better health. The end of 2010 was unhealthy. The girls have had one cold after the other - different strains which they seem to pass right on to me (which flares up my Meniere's Disease). We even had a stomach bug a few weeks ago (Olivia) and a maybe-stomach bug (Lila) on the first day of this year.

I'm sitting at a desk, in a hotel room, in Italy. Not only have I caught a cold (Little Lila Kate may be to blame). Both of my ears are ringing at a pretty high pitch. There's pressure and an echo in one too (or both, I can't tell - I feel like I'm underwater). I could be seconds away from a full-blown attack. Yet, I push on. Menieres is one of those diseases that can be quite debilitating. So, I must make great memories with my children and spouse. I must put on a happy face and act like this isn't happening. It could be a lot worse. When you're in the mist or on the brink of a bad flare-up, it's hard to see through to the other side. So, that's what I'm trying to do here. It's not bad enough to slow me down right now. Besides, I'm on vacation. What can I do? Give up wine, sweets and salty foods while on vacation in Italy on the slight possiblity it will help? I'll try - but, I'm weak. Very much so.

Back to 2011 - I want to find a way not to catch Every.Darn. Virus my kids bring home. It's downright depressing. So, that's it. That's all I want. To figure out why I catch things I hardly ever used to, help prevent my children from getting so many colds, and have a year of better health!

As an aside, I'll try to step it up in the blogging department. Facebook replaces blogging to some degree. I used to love blogging and Facebook has taken away some of that joy. I mean, what do I have to talk to about that I haven't already said on Facebook? There must be something, folks. I will try. I promise!

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The Matthaidess' said...

I can't believe that your soldiering on! Wow! I hope that you get better soon! I can't wait until you blog some more and post more pictures of your adventures with your family.