Saturday, May 14, 2011


Mash Tuns

Last month, we drove to Prague. I had this glorious idea of the city painted in my head, was slowly starting to feel better after a few months of pregnancy related illness and was, therefore, eager to site see. I have to say that I was a bit underwhelmed. Probably because by having the kids with us, always having to rush through things we (adults) wanted to see because of short-attention spans or fatigue, or just bad moods, this city never really came alive for me. I felt disoriented.  I couldn't really sample the famous beers - no more than a few sips and so missed out on that.

Olivia has been a terror on trips lately.  Her bad behavior is a departure from her behavior at home.  Twice in a row Matt and I have been so frustrated with her, we have nearly packed up, called it a loss and went back home.  She will pretend she's blind and walk bumping in to things.  She will throw herself on the ground when asked to move along, she will cry and cry for ice cream, and, in general, just not listen.  She's a complete brat and disciplining her has become the center of everything we do. We ask her what's wrong, what she needs, why she's acting that way and she'll just talk baby-talk in response.  Her behavior has been so obnoxious on trips, I just want to cry and jump off the nearest bridge in defeat and failure.

Pilsner Urquell Tour
The worst thing Lila did on the trip was cry a bit when she was tired and once kneel onto the ground, with a crowd around us, put her hands out, cupped, and her head down. When Matt asked her what she was doing, she replied, "I need money!!" She was emulating all the beggars we saw around the city. Kind of hilarious.  I wish I had taken a picture.
Prague Astronomical Clock
Yummy Treats at the Market
It was on our last day that Olivia finally started behaving.  She sat nicely at breakfast and was almost a pleasure to have on the brewery tour we went on in Pilsen.  She even slept for quite some time on the ride home.  Guess she was just worn out from putting on an act the entire weekend.

Our next trip is a surprise trip to Euro Disney and a one day trip to Paris.  The only place Olivia has asked to go this summer is the Eiffel Tower (She just has to see what Fancy Nancy and Madeline are talking about).  So, we booked tickets all the way to the top of the tower and may do a biking tour around the city.  While I would love to go back to all the the museums, it's not worth risking either child (Olivia) putting us through what we went through in Prague. We are not, typically, ones to take a guided tour around a city, however, Fat Tire Bike Tours around Paris may be what it takes to keep her a bit more sane and occupied.  We shall see...

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