Saturday, November 19, 2011

Erste Klasse/First Grade

First Grade Picture
Heading to her classroom

Since we're approaching mid-year break, I suppose it's time to introduce you to my first-grader! 

Olivia started 1 Klasse at Merian Schule in mid-September.  The first day of class was on a Saturday.  There was a brief welcoming ceremony put on by the second graders and then 1 klasse went with their teachers and classmates to their respective classrooms for about 90-minutes.  Upon arrival, Olivia was scared and shy.  It took no time, however, for her to warm up (the welcoming songs and short play helped immensely) and by the time her classmates lined up together, she was ready.  Siblings and parents enjoyed refreshments and snacks outside during this time. 

She could be mistaken as a German

In the weeks since school has started, Olivia has become even more fiercely independent and strong-willed.  She feels very much grown up now and tries to prove it everyday.  She tries my patience constantly. She wants to walk to school by herself or with her older friends (it's too far) or take the bus by herself (we're moving soon - so not worth the trouble to start up) and tries to tell me how her homework should be done even when I know she's doing it wrong and must correct her. She's growing into a little girl with a preteen personality!

She has homework daily and we haven't had too much trouble with translation issues.  She was forgetting things at home or at school for a time - but, I think I've finally gotten a handle on what is needed on what days and I make sure to check over the contents of her bag to make sure she has it all. I'm a little shocked that they have homework every day and even over the weekends. However, she gets most of it done in class lately and, therefore, it is usually less than a half-hour's worth of work.

She already gets in arguments with children at school.  One boy in particular, Phillip, appears to be the center of her attention.  She comes home almost daily telling of a fight she and Phillip got into that day (arguments).  His mother thinks that maybe they are "sweet" on each other. Oh no!

I'm deeply saddened that Olivia will have to change schools mid-year.  Many of her friends in her class are friends from her kindergarten last year.  It's been really nice and an easy transition and I'm not looking forward to watching her heart break. She may be outspoken and strong-willed, but she's also very sensitive and my heart breaks for her.  This is the first time we will move and she'll really feel the pain of losing friends and starting over and I'm sure I'll be feeling this pain right along with her. But, it is military life and as everyone familiar with military life knows, she will have to get used to it.

We have not, however, regretted our decision to put Olivia in German elementary school and will embrace the journey ahead no matter how difficult or not.


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