Monday, April 9, 2012

It's Been a Long Time...

Wow.  I just opened up my blog and realized it's been nearly five months since my last post. I used to love blogging.  Often, I would find myself going over a potential blog post as I showered each morning. Leave it to Facebook and Pinterest for my prolonged absences.  My intent is to blog more regularly. I make no promises, however.  For now, here is a bulleted list of random happenings within the McQuilton Family.

December 2011
  • Visited NY, VT and PA mid-December to early January.
    • Colden had his lip and tongue ties released by laser in Albany, NY. They were making breastfeeding troublesome.  Unfortunately, he's made little progress in obtaining a better latch-but he's in cranial sacral therapy weekly and we hope to make progress eventually.
    • Lila got her ears pierced (age five)
    • I came down with a stomach bug and very promptly passed it on to at least 10 other people, including my little Lila
    • Visited with many friends and family members, including a trip to NYC with my family and my mother-in-law. 
January 2012
  • Moved from Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany (Heidelberg) to Bavaria, Germany (Vilseck).
  • Enrolled Olivia in a new German school.
  • Enrolled Lila in a US preschool as German kindergartens in this area are filled until the Fall (She will be going to a local kindergarten in the Fall). Lila is not entirely happy with her preschool. I thought it was a phase, as the change was a great one, but she still is not very happy there. She is pleased to be going back to a German kindergarten in the Fall.
  •  Matt turned 35
February 2012
  • Olivia turned seven.
March 2012 
  • I turned 35.
  • Colden was left with a babysitter for the first time (just a few hours) and did very well.
  • Colden began rolling over.
  • Olivia finally started getting a better grasp of reading in English. I'm really proud of her. She is learning to read in two languages simultaneously. That cannot be an easy task. Her little brain is hard at work!
April 2012

This month we are excited to have Jay, Amie and Edward Davis visit us.  Before their visit, however, we are heading to The Netherlands for a few days to see the tulips at Keukenhof and visit Amsterdam. I'll be sure to post some pictures - though, I'm not sure how great they will be as the weather isn't forecasted to be spectacular. But, it is Spring and because weather is so unpredictable this time of the year, we just can't put off a trip and wait for the weather to clear.

Here are a few pictures from our adventures in the North East back in December: 

Visiting NYC with grandma McQuilton

Matt and I spent a night in PA visiting great friends, Laura and Lee

Colden and my baby sister, Andrea, had a chance to meet.

Lila gets her ears pierced
Hope you all are having a nice Spring!

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Jill said...

How was Keukenhof? WE're going there on Saturday; I hope it's not too crowded as it's the day of the flower parade. How do you like Vilseck compared to the HD area?