Sunday, June 10, 2012

How Do You Pin?

I am a pinner. Pinterest has got to be one of the best sites ever. I don't follow businesses or blogs as many people do. I follow plenty of businesses or blogs on Facebook (Mostly to stay on top of recipes, sales and new products from natural living-type businesses and blogs). I use it to find recipes, DIY, travel ideas, etc. I don't want to get overwhelmed with businesses trying to sell me their stuff, rather I really enjoy getting ideas from friends.

I have a dilemma, however.  My pins are getting out of control. For example: I have boards for Paleo recipes.  Do I pin recipes there that I want to try or that I've already tried? I have a board titled, "Pinned it and Did It!" But, I feel that recipes, DIY and other things I've done could get lost in there as the pins add up. 

I really need to organize my pins before I have so many pins that I (and my followers) get lost in the pinclutter. How do you pin? How do organize those pins? If you were to go to my boards, how would you like to see them organized (pins done vs. pins to-be-done).  Help. Please.

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Angie said...

I need to reorganize mine as well. I follow a lot of art blogs where I pin ideas, plus things that I find from those that I follow on pinterest. I have over 350 pins just on my art lesson idea board. The rest are not so bad. I don't know that it makes it hard for people to follow you, though. I generally don't go to that many people's boards and sift through it all, though. Even with so many things on one board, it is still better than how I used to try to bookmark sites where I found all of these things.