Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Deutsch Schule

First Day of Second Grade
Despite the eye rolls we sometimes get when people learn our children attend German school ("They will be so far behind when they get back to American school. How will you manage?" - We will manage just fine. Our children are bright. They are not sitting for their SATs any time soon. Do some research on the long-term benefits of language immersion and get back to me. Enough said.), I'm excited about Olivia's second year in German elementary school. She has no idea how great she has it. Here is a summery of what's going on this year:

  • Gym twice weekly (this sometimes includes ice skating in the winter months)
  • Swimming lessons once weekly (Yes, at school)
  • Art once a week for two hours
  • Religion twice weekly
  • Later on this year she will pick an instrument and begin learning that. This is a departure from most US schools where instruments are not picked up (band) until grade six (unless taken privately before then).
Twice a week she is finished with school at 11:35. Twice a week by 13:10 and once a week by 12:25. She does attend an afternoon homework program five days a week - but we recently agreed to stop going on Friday's so she can have more time at home instead. I'm also considering pulling her out of that program early on her short days - giving her just enough time to have lunch and finish her homework with a German teacher.

She attends classical/modern ballet on Monday's and will soon begin tap/jazz and possibly hip- hop (class has not yet met minimum student requirements). Some have expressed that she is doing too many extracurricular activities outside of school, however, she loves to dance. It is her outlet. Military children, especially, need outlets. For Olivia, dance is therapy of sorts.

I can't wait to see the changes in her that come about due to having such a rich curriculum this year! 

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