Monday, October 1, 2012

My Little Locavores

There are many things I love about living rurally as I do. Over the past couple of weeks, local food finds have tumbled into my kitchen and into our mouths. Small as our town is, we've been able to find many things locally - as close as our own backyard.

This week the girls have gotten their hands on a ton of pears from their neighbors (organic, etc), and apples from our yard. When that wasn't enough, they went foraging and came home with chestnuts and walnuts (pictured here).

Last weekend I drove past plumb trees, stopped and picked a few. This weekend, I picked up local, wild venison salami and free range eggs. The eggs from the farm varied in size - some very small - but big on taste!!

Next we'll be in the lookout for locally grown pumpkins....Fall is here. Let the Fall baking commence!!

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Amie said...

Sounds amazing! I myself can't wait to start picking citrus in a couple months - there is an orchard just a mile or two away and the fruit is mouthwatering!

P.s. love the basket :)