Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Need to Eat Well vs Cleaning

Each and every time I intend on spending the day cleaning (which isn't getting easier now that I'm approaching 30-weeks-pregnant), I get side-tracked by the obvious need to feed my children (and myself, of course). Colden, now nearly two, has become quite the little human garbage disposal. He could eat all day. I did not experience this type of need with my two girls. Therefore, it was much easier to keep fruit and nourishing snacks around because they didn't snack more than once or twice a day. Colden keeps me on my toes (they do eat more now than they did then). It would be so easy to just throw junk at him. I could stock up on organic granola bars and fruit snacks (which I admit I do buy for vacations or when I have company because I just don't have as much time to be in the kitchen) and just throw something his way when he cries for food.

Before Matt deployed, I shamefully admit that I did resort to that from time to time because he had such things as gold fish crackers in the house and a few other "junkie" items I don't usually allow and I was too tired to cook (pregnant and all). I tell ya, it is easy to resort to that kind of trashy eating when you are also trying to keep your house up - which is a real struggle for me. Now that Matt's gone, I'm on a mission to up the protein and keep processed foods out of the mouths of my children. I've even given up festing (Germans are all about fests - there is one every weekend around these parts!) so we stay clear of junk food. Colden, however, has challenged me like never before!

Today, as I was in my room unpacking from a recent trip to Austria, he came running in screaming for food. I tried to distract him and he wouldn't bite. So, downstairs we went. I found some yogurt and sat him down. He had about four helpings and still wasn't done. Out of eggs, an easy, quick snack, the girls grabbed him and brought him to our egg guy down the road. He's out until this weekend. So, into the van we went. I dropped off some recycling, picked up the mail, dropped off books at the library and hit up a local store for some good-quality free-range eggs. Back home, after a very quick rest (15-minutes, tops), I ventured into the kitchen and grilled up some pork cutlets and fried up some zucchini using a great recipe from one of my favorite real food bloggers Holistic Squid (Recipes at end of post). Colden ate the zucchini like it was candy. Whew!! But, he wanted more after his meat and zucchini. Enter in a nutrient dense hot cocoa from another favorite blogger, The Polivka Family. Colden had three helpings of hot cocoa before calling it quits. Wow!

I spoke to my mother-in-law the other day and she said that Matt was never a big eater like Colden. In fact, to this day, I would say that Matt isn't a big eater. He's definitely not a foodie. He just doesn't appreciate food like many of us do. It's what fuels him to work, run and climb mountains. If the cocoa bean crop was wiped out tomorrow, he would wonder how that made the news - he cares that little about chocolate or sweets. Oh, how I envy him sometimes!

Tonight, once the kids are in bed, I think I'll whip up a batch of my favorite banana muffins. I'll add some 70% dark-chocolate chunks to them and hopefully one will hold him over tomorrow morning while I make some scrambled eggs or something with lots of protein. I do hate to feed him carb-heavy because it's simply not healthy for any of us nor does it keep him filled up for long.

Backing up a bit to this morning - As I was getting dressed earlier this morning, I realized I was out of deodorant. I no longer use store-bought of any kind. I avoid chemical-laden products as a general rule (I either make my own body lotion or just use coconut oil, sometimes with a few drops of essential oil added. Though, I am on a mission to find a good hair shampoo that isn't filled with chemicals I can't pronounce and actually cleans my hair and scalp). I buy my deodorant from an Etsy seller, Honey Bee Holistics. Her Organic Extra Strength Deodorant is the best all-natural deodorant I have tried. She lists her ingredients - so I suppose I could try to duplicate her recipe. However, I don't know the correct combination of ingredients and I do love to support the stay-at-home mom. So, I buy regularly from her. Her body creams are excellent too. I use them mostly for travel as they don't melt like coconut oil does. Her Organic Coconut Banana Creme Pie Lotion is to die for. I do almost want to eat it! Anyway, I've placed an order with Honey Bee, however, her shipping is a bit slow (but worth the wait - and no, she's not paying me to endorse her products. I just really love them). So, I spend a few minutes making some to hold me over until her product arrives (recipe I used at end of post).

So, how did the cleaning go? Well, I managed to pull diapers out of the dryer, throw a load from washer into the dryer and put a load of sheets in the washer. I cleaned the kitchen and fully unpacked my bag from recent travels. Add in the errands, cleaning up the kitchen and the other things mentioned, that was my day. I'm exhausted and I really feel that I did too little! I can't keep up! I don't know how those of you with clean houses do it!! My house is always just barely presentable. Barely. Well, at least these days. When I'm not pregnant, it tends to be a bit cleaner. But, with a deployed spouse, hungry toddler and two daughters constantly at odds with each other, I probably spend a good 10-minutes crying each day over the things I didn't get to. Maddening!! Today's Recipes:

Fried Zucchini and Squash Rounds (Grain Free)
Knock Your Socks off Hot Chocolate
Banana Muffins (I use Einkorn flour)
Homemade All-Natural Deodorant


Kasi said...

I only have the one child and I"m not pregnant and I still feel your pain! It is after nine p.m. and I just got done cooking and putting dishes away and cleaning up after cooking... and I still need to pump, and make her lunch, and make her bottles, and fold laundry, and go to bed so I can get up at 0515. Ugh. The same unorganized piles that were there when my Matt left are still going to be there when he gets back, because I refuse to spend my one day a month where I have no work but do have daycare available cleaning. Massage! That's my plan. Hopefully a nap, too.

Anderson Family said...

I completely feel your pain. With the 2 girls and 2 dogs I feel like a slave to the vacuum and dishwasher. Between homeschooling, activities, library trips, cook from scratch at home and with Danny not stationed here for the past year+ the best I shoot for is presentable with the house. Most days my kitchen sink is at least half full of dirty dishes from the previous meal. I can only imagine how I'm going to keep up when I'm actually further along with this pregnancy. I say good job for what your getting done and keep your priorities straight even when its tough. Give yourself a break for the things that don't get done, they will be there tomorrow :)

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